Welcome to Inspiravision!

Inspiravision is about embracing opportunities for creative change and renewal. It provides services to individuals, organisations, businesses and communities who are seeking innovative ways of promoting personal, professional, policy and organizational change in the areas of education, health and well-being.

  • Supervision

    Inspiravision offers a range of supervision services - professional, clinical and research which are conducted individually or in groups.

  • Music Therapy

    Currently Inspiravision provides pediatric community music therapy programs and sessions are conducted in the privacy of the client’s home. Programs focus on a wide range of needs.

  • Music, Health and Well Being

    Inspiravision provides services to professional associations, government and non-government agencies.

  • Consultancy

    Inspiravision offers consultative services to government and non-government agencies in relation to the planning, implementation and evaluation of initiatives.

Sustaining professional and personal growth