Inspiravision offers a range of supervision services:


Professional supervision involves an interactive process of reflection and learning where the supervisee’s conversations, thoughts and experiences concerning professional practice are supported and respectfully guided by the supervisor.

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Clinical supervision is the provision of an intervention by experienced members of a profession to a junior member/s. The process focusses on the maintenance of quality clinical professional practice.

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Research supervision involves the provision of professional research advice and guidance on the design and implementation of a study or project. Specifically doctoral supervision is described as a specialized form of professional work which involves interrelated areas of contextual and scholarly expertise and the learning supervisory relationship

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which are conducted individually or in groups. Supervision sessions use a variety of formats  –  face to face, phone or online using skype. Inspiravision offers an innovative supervision approach where music improvisation, as a creative tool, is used to explore issues and provide opportunities for change and improved professional/personal insight. Regardless of musical skills or ability, clients are invited to engage in music improvisation to work through issues and in doing so, discover new insights and understandings of their work practice. This creative approach presents Inspiravision supervision services as a new and dynamic way of processing thoughts and feelings without relying solely on the use of words.

Sessions are available face to face at Highgate Hill.

Sessions involving groups, particularly those using music improvisation are conducted in various community centres throughout Brisbane.

For further information or to make an enquiry about Inspiravision’s supervision services, please contact us