Inspiravision offers consultative services to government and non-government agencies in relation to the planning, implementation and evaluation of initiatives. Jeanette’s professional background includes 14 years employment with Queensland Health as senior music therapist with the Royal Children’s Hospital and Health Service District.
During this period Jeanette was responsible for managing and extending clinical services, leading teaching and research initiatives, and successfully achieving recognition of music therapy as a profession on the Professional Officer’s Stream of the District Health Services Employees Award, through a submission to the Employment Relations and Strategies Unit of Queensland Health. This award has now been superseded by the Health Practitioners’ (Queensland Health) Certified Agreement (No. 2) 2011 (HPEB2). Prior to the success of this submission, there was no award in Queensland which recognised and included music therapy as an allied health discipline.


An area of expertise provided by Inspiravision is analysis of data collection. Jeanette’s successful completion of her doctoral thesis in 2013 demonstrates her high level analytical and writing skills, and expertise and commitment in relation to research. Her receipt of the 2013 Dean’s Award for Research Higher Degree Excellence (University of Queensland) is testament to her commitment to and ability to deliver high quality research. The mixed methods research design, using qualitative and quantitative methods, and the complex series of analytical stages involved, illustrate the complexity of the study’s method and the high level research expertise required to successfully complete each phase of the research.

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