Jeanette Kennelly – Full Profile

Jeanette’s research expertise lie in the areas of professional supervision and the use of mixed methods design. Jeanette’s PhD research explored the views, practices and experiences of professional supervision and these findings have energized and expanded her interests within this topic for the broader professional community. Duty of care, accountability and best practice are essential to all workers regardless of their professional background. Quality supervisory processes and relationships, whether experienced within student, professional or research supervision can sustain and expand professional and personal growth. Jeanette’s current research interests focus on the provision of quality workplace relationships and the fostering of excellence in leadership and teaching skills. Jeanette is particularly interested in the use of live music making and its creative role as a sustainer of professional and personal development and overall wellbeing.

Jeanette has worked as a private practice supervisor since 2001. Her expertise as a supervisor has been enhanced by the completion of several supervision training workshops which have contributed to her accreditation as a Supervisor with the Australasian Association of Supervision . Supervision is an important part of maintaining professional competency regardless of a professional’s workplace context. Jeanette is passionately committed to providing opportunities for empowering experiences within the supervisory relationship/process so that professionals can continue to practice competently, attend to their own self-care and provide optimal benefits to their clients.

Through her current role as Clinical Lead Music Therapist at Qld Children’s Hospital and in private practice with families in the community, Jeanette has gained experience and understanding of the needs of children and their families who come from Indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse communities. As a clinician she has worked closely with these families by using the creative tool of live music making as a form of connection, communication and self-expression. In January 2019 Jeanette established a music therapy program for young children and their families at a medical practice clinic in Brisbane which focuses on promoting sensory development for children and healthy community connections through live music making.

Jeanette has a strong belief in the transformative medium of music as a way of creating meaningful connections in the fields of therapy, education and professional/personal health and well-being. Her practice is influenced by collaborative, person-centred and strength-based models which provide opportunities for empowering experiences, a sense of personal value and mutual respect. Jeanette is professionally and personally motivated by her passionate interest in collegial relationships which drive the expansion and development of her practice. Examples of these collaborations include: